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23 September 2020

12 nutrition tips: Debunking the myths

Dietary Advice: Common nutrition tips are sometimes just myths in disguise. Performance nutritionist Dan Martin sheds some light on whether they're fact or fiction
Overhead image of Christmas dinner

10 December 2021

Christmas diet advice for athletes

Christmas: the time of year when temptation to eat and drink excessively is everywhere. Wendy Martinson OBE gives tips on how to dodge the festive bulge.
Photo of quinoa salad in a bowl with a fork

21 April 2022

Basic quinoa salad

Sports Nutritionist Rob Hobson has created an easily customisable quinoa salad that's great for batch cooking.
Photo of cyclist in a velodrome

16 September 2021

Caffeine for athletes: all you need to know

Performance Nutritionist Nigel Mitchell explains the use of caffeine for athletes and in professional sport, how to use it and what you should look for in a caffeine product.

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