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Clean Lean Green

The Healthspan Elite All Blacks range: guiding principles

The Healthspan Elite All Blacks range was co-created with the All Blacks according to three guiding principles: Clean, Lean and Green. Find out how this ensures the range contains the highest-quality, most sustainable products we've ever made.

Clean: just the good stuff, nothing else

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Natural flavours

We use stevia, a natural sweetener, and natural fruit extracts in as many of our flavoured All Blacks supplements as possible. This ensures that each of our products has a delicious and natural taste.

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No artificial flavours or unnecessary ingredients

We've kept artificial and synthetic additives to a minimum, keeping the ingredient list short with no unnecessary extras.

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Approved by Informed Sport

Products carrying the Informed Sport logo are tested for substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and are certified safe for competing athletes.

Lean: proven benefits and products for everyone

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Ingredients with proven benefits

A top priority for Healthspan Elite and the All Blacks was finding ingredients to give the user the greatest possible benefit. The formulations used are backed by science to help you achieve your performance goals.

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No added sugar

A product doesn't need to contain lots of sugar to taste great. We worked with manufacturers to keep sugar levels to an absolute minimum for a lighter and leaner sports nutrition range.

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High-quality protein

10 new protein products have been created for the range, including whey protein, vegan protein, clear whey protein isolate, mass gain protein and night time protein, and three new protein bars: a range that truly 'works for all'.

Green: good for you and the planet

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Fully recyclable pouches

Our range of powders, from proteins to pre-workouts and creatine, are packed in fully recyclable LDPE pouches that use 85% less material than a standard plastic tub.

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Plant-based ingredients

More athletes are trying plant-based diets, so it was important to create products that are as inclusive as possible. Two-thirds of the Elite All Blacks range is suitable for vegans, from the CurraNZ blackcurrant extract to our vegan protein shakes and delicious HiLo protein bars.

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Sustainably sourced ingredients

We strive to source our ingredients responsibly and sustainably. For example, our fish oils have Friend of the Sea accreditation to ensure responsible fishing, and our plant-based Glucosamine HCl is made from corn, not shellfish.