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All Blacks: why nutrition matters

To perform at their best in training and on game day, the All Blacks need their nutrition levels to be just right. This doesn't just affect physical health – it also has an impact on mental and emotional wellbeing.

Dietician and All Blacks Performance Nutritionist Kat Darry explains how quality food and Healthspan Elite supplements help the players get the vitamins and nutrients they need.

00:00 Introduction
00:11 Nutrition & Performance
00:49 The All Blacks & Healthspan Elite
01:12: The Healthspan Elite All Blacks range
01:43: Introducing Healthspan Elite CurraNZ

The Healthspan Elite All Blacks range: co-created with the All Blacks, works for all

All Blacks range on cracked wall background

Healthspan Elite has worked closely with the All Blacks to create a range of 32 products to support the players' nutrition – and also for anyone who wants to reach their performance goals. Check out the range below.

See the Elite All Blacks range