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Healthspan Elite All Blacks range

Introducing the Healthspan Elite All Blacks range: co-created with the All Blacks, works for all

After forming an official partnership in 2020, Healthspan Elite and the All Blacks worked together over the following 18 months to create a sports nutrition line perfect for the players, and also for anyone who wants to reach their performance goals.

Healthspan's 25 years of nutrition expertise, coupled with input from All Blacks nutritionist Kat Darry and feedback from the All Blacks players, led to the creation of 32 products following Healthspan Elite's Clean, Lean and Green ethos.

Clean products are Informed-Sport approved and free from banned substances and artificial or unnecessary ingredients. Lean products have science-backed formulations to help you achieve your performance goals. Green products have, wherever possible, recyclable packaging and use sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients.

The range may be co-created with the All Blacks, but it works for all: it's a well-rounded sports nutrition range suitable for all fitness enthusiasts. Find out more about our Clean, Lean and Green guiding principles.

Watch: Kat Darry on the Healthspan Elite All Blacks range and why nutrition is so important to the All Blacks

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Story of a partnership: the All Blacks and Healthspan Elite

In September 2020, New Zealand Rugby (NZR) announced that Healthspan Elite had been chosen as its first-ever official sports nutrition, sports protein and vitamins and supplements partner.

This long-term partnership sees the All Blacks players take exclusively Healthspan Elite supplements to support their health and performance needs.

Healthspan Elite has been proud to supply the All Blacks with supplements since 2015. The All Blacks set the highest possible standards with their performances on the pitch, and this approach carries over into how they choose their supplements.

Healthspan Elite supplements are formulated by doctors and nutritionists, using the highest-quality ingredients and independently batch-tested to be free from World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances. This means that the All Blacks can take Healthspan Elite supplements with complete peace of mind.

All Blacks nutritionist Kat Darry on Healthspan Elite supplements

"The high daily physical demands experienced by elite-level rugby players such as the All Blacks often makes it difficult for players to eat enough or to meet their individual needs for specific nutrients," says Darry.

"To have the support of specific supplements from Healthspan Elite, which can be utilised when a player's needs are greater than what they can meet from our food-first approach, is important."

Watch: why the All Blacks use Healthspan Elite supplements

What will the partnership mean?

First and foremost, Healthspan will be pulling on its vast 25 years of experience to provide the players with the right supplements to support their success on the pitch and their wellbeing off it.

However, both parties are equally enthusiastic about supporting the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders. Healthspan Elite and the All Blacks will work collaboratively to draw insight from the world of professional sport and performance nutrition, and inspire Kiwis on how to live a healthy, active lifestyle through expert-led content and products.

The good news is that not only are Healthspan Elite supplements of the highest quality – they're also great value. This makes them as accessible and beneficial to everyone as they are to the All Blacks.

You don't have to be an All Black to supplement like one. Healthspan Elite is here to support you, whatever your activity or health goals.

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