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One of the three main macronutrients, protein facilitates muscle repair, growth and regeneration. It is recommended to achieve a regular intake of 20-30g of protein to stimulate the protein synthesis needed for this regeneration and growth. Our protein range provides a selection of drinks, powders and bars to provide the daily intake you need.

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Why High protein and high carbs for serious muscle growth The perfect protein powder for anyone following a vegan or plant-based diet and wanting to build and maintain muscle The ultimate foundation for any fitness programme, regardless of your level, to help build and maintain muscle. Refreshing, light and fruity alternative to traditional whey


Chocolate Unflavoured | Vanilla | chocolate Strawberry | Vanilla | chocolate Zesty Lemon | Orange and Mango


per serving
 €4.17 €1.70 €2.02 €1.67

Size of pack

1500g 750g 750g 750g


per serving

78g 5g 5.4g 0.4g


per serving
28g 23g 24 21g

Serving Size

125g 31.5g 37.9 25g


per pack
12 23.8 19.8 30
Suitable for For vegetarians For vegans For vegetarians For vegetarians For vegetarians

Protein type

per serving
whey concentrate and isolate blend natural blend of plant proteins (pea, rice and pumpkin seed whey concentrate and isolate hydrolysed whey isolate


per serving
1.8g 0.5g 1.3g 0.6g

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< 1 > 9 Results

Chocolate & salted caramel, black forest gateau or white chocolate & raspberry...which one is your favourite 🤔 @dfmarin
⚡ Our Elite energy gels & HiLo protein bars are the perfect addition to your gym bag #trustelite #protein #proteinbars #energygels
💪 The ultimate whey protein powder to support your everyday fitness and muscle growth goals
😋 A seriously strong protein...with chocolate, what's not to love? 🍫 💪 Each serving has 28g protein & 78g carbs

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